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Lost and update

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1Lost and update Empty Lost and update C. Okt. 21, 2011 10:58 am


So, it's happened... I lost the camera cord. I've been so good and for almost 3 years I haven't lost the cord to our camera. It was bound to happen sooner or later, right?! Well I'm sure it's in a box of junk somewhere in the attic. I'll have to look up there tomorrow. It's a bit of a hassle discount jerseysto get up there right now and I can't pull the ladder down without Nick's help Smile

I'm so bummed that I can't post any pictures, because I have some super cute ones!steelers jerseys cheap Harry Brandon is growing up so fast! He is the happiest little baby I have ever seen! He only cries when he is hungry or tired. And when he is tired I just lay him down with his bunny and he plays for a little then finds his thumb and falls asleep. It's so cute! Calvin was not as easy... he would have never fallen asleep without me rocking him or feeding him a bottle. I love this baby!

Calvin loves the house. We painted the boys room orange and we all love the color, nfl jerseys cheapespecially Cal! He also loves all the boys in the neighborhood. The ice cream truck is also a favorite of his, he comes everyday and we run out with his money. I love to see him happy, and he is so happy running around playing with all the boys! He is in heaven! He is also doing better with the potty. he backtracked a little with the packing and moving, but now that the move is over and things have finally calmed down, he is back on track. He is such a sweet big brother. He always wants to play and hug Harrison! Sometimes when Calvin is in his room he will hear Harry make a little sound and laugh from across the house!

The sleeping situation is also 1,000x better than I could have ever imagined!jerseys wholesale Harry sleeps ALL NIGHT! From 10:30 to 8:30! Ridiculous, I know! Calvin never wakes up on the rare occasions that Harry does wake up at 5:30. I just wish that I could sleep through the night! My allergies have been driving me crazy! It's also not easy to nurse a baby who sleeps 10 hours a night.

Nick and I are loving the house. All the painting is finished. The organizing is slow going, cheap jerseysbut we are getting there. Our bedroom is my favorite room in the house! I can't wait to show you! There are still more things that I want to do and buy and I get a little upset when I can't have nice things and I get really jealous when I see other people have those nice things, but I am counting my blessings and loving life... because, the most important things in life aren't things!

Pictures to come as soon as I locate the camera cord! p.s. I know the "Harry Brandon" might sound strange, but I have been calling him Brandon at home for the past 2 weeks... just testing it out.


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